A nursery in Medstead, where children blossom…

Single Steps Nursery provides early years education for children from 3 months to 5 years. We’re open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 and only close for Christmas and Bank Holidays.

Set in a beautiful secluded location tucked away in the heart of Medstead, free from traffic and pollution. We teach your children all the skills they need to start their schooling off on the right foot.

Because the most exciting journeys, begin with a single step.

I truly believe that choosing a nursery for my daughter felt like the biggest decision I had ever made. And I know that I made the right decision with Single Steps, Nancy is so settled and happy there. She thoroughly enjoys every single one of her days at nursery (which is 5 days a week!). The location is idyllic (as well as practical, not battling traffic across town every day) with vast outdoor space to explore and play in. Ophea and her team make the very best of this with such imaginative ways to play (whilst learning) with plenty of outdoor activities.

My son is now ready to join his sister at the nursery and I feel so relieved to have such a great nursery so close to me. Ophea and her team are so caring and loving to all the children, it really is a nurturing environment and Nancy has grown so much there. I know that she will get all the love and cuddles she needs but will also have a great time whilst learning the essentials required for each stage of her pre-school journey.

Ruth Pratt


About Single Steps Nursery Medstead

Our mission as a nursery is to provide your children with the ideal educational bedrock in an environment of inclusivity and care. So that as they grow and move to the next stage in their schooling they already have all they need instilled within them to be successful. We base our educational ethos on three principles: Love, learn, live.

Simply put we treat all of our children with love, from love for the world around them to love and respect for each other. We also encourage a love of learning, so that they develop enquiring minds eager to understand and know more. And we teach them how to apply these learnings and qualities to the everyday, enabling them to live a richer more fulfilling life.

Nursery curriculum

We encourage your children to do what they love, because this is the best way to prepare them for learning all seven of the key developmental areas laid out in the Early Years Foundation Stage. So if your child loves painting, stories, or playing with mud, we use their passion as a platform to build their early years education on. Meaning that learning is tailored to each child individually.

Whether indoors or outdoors we’re always seeking out opportunities to grow confidence, establish self-esteem, and develop independence, while creating new learning experiences. So that when the time comes for your children to leave us and go to school, they’re more than prepared for the next leg of their educational journey. Because we firmly believe that if you get a child’s pre-school foundation just right; you set them up for life.

Some of the extra curricular activities we provide:

  • Dough Disco – the children model playdough while moving to music, this builds the muscles in their hands and develops fine-motor skills in preparation for activities such as holding a pencil and writing
  • Boogie Mites – a really fun musical activity, which develops the children’s balance, coordination, and understanding of letters and sounds
  • Sing and Sign – we are affiliated with this superb educational organisation, and offer their award-winning programme dedicated to helping babies and young children to develop their communication skills before they can speak
  • Forest School – the children have direct contact with nature, teaching them to understand and appreciate the value of the natural world, while developing independence and confidence in their own abilities

Ophea is also certified to Advanced Forest School Leaders (BTEC) Level 3.

Meet the team

Ophea Waite-Uden – Nursery Manager / Founder
BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, Diploma in Childcare and Education CACHE Level 3, Leadership & Management, Level 3

I’ve worked in childcare for over 20 years, including a spell as an Ofsted Inspector and 9 plus years as a successful nursery manager. During this time I’ve come to understand exactly what it takes to make a good nursery excellent. You can have all the resources in the world but if you don’t have the right team the nursery and its children will never reach their true potential. It’s with this knowledge and experience that I’ve founded Single Steps Nurseries.

Dawn Pearce – Deputy Manager and Room Leader (Hummingbirds)
Senior Nursery Practitioner, Level 7

Helping the children in their play and learning is wonderful. I especially love sharing stories with them to help their language skills.

The nursery is in such a beautiful place. I’m most happy to be able to support the children as they develop. Taking them in the woods to teach them about nature as they explore and enjoy their surroundings is so rewarding.

Gaynor Gough – Joint Room Leader and Third in Charge (Flamingos)
Senior Nursery Practitioner, Level 3

I’m happiest when working with children, and have spent many years teaching both youngsters and vulnerable adults. In fact, my training and career in Early Years education started here in Medstead.

Helping the children to develop their skills, emotions, and personalities are all things I love. You get such a sense of satisfaction as your key children blossom. I think it’s partly because you know the positive influence you’ve been able to have on their lives.

The rest of the team…
Nursery Practitioners and Bank Staff

The team at Single Steps Medstead is an eclectic mix of experience and backgrounds. We have Sister Mary, Jayne, Emma, Nicki, Shaz, Daisy and more. Each one of them brings a passion for Early Years education, their unique sparkle, and a commitment to help make our nursery one of the very best in Hampshire, if not the country.

We think they’re great, and the children certainly seem to love them!

I have no hesitation in recommending Single Steps Nursery to anyone! Joseph came from another setting and I was concerned that he might struggle to settle. I needn’t have worried… with no settling in days at all he bound in on his first day and hasn’t looked back. He can’t wait to get out of the car to start his next adventure in the amazing Hampshire countryside setting. I love the fact that he rarely comes home in the clothes I sent him in because he’s been exploring the garden, woodland, mud kitchen, water play, sensory table or baking.

Ophea and her team have boundless energy and creativity. They are amazingly caring and supportive and I could not ask for better!

Charlotte Bloomfield


We feel very fortunate that our daughter attends Single Steps Nursery and we honestly could not wish for more. Staff are highly professional, qualified and loving towards the children, the setting is idyllic with plenty of outdoor space and parking. Our daughter loves the big outdoors adventures, the opportunity to get involved with cooking and growing vegetables. She has grown in confidence under Ophea’s care and is always happy to go to nursery in the mornings.

Our daughter is bilingual and this has been supported while she is learning to speak. We highly recommend this nursery to anyone looking for one that allows kids to be kids while teaching them respect for nature and each other, equipping them with important life skills and confidence.

Hajnalka and Derek Howard


Our fees and hours

There is a minimum requirement of 2 full days, half days can be added on an adhoc basis. Please note, we close for Bank Holidays but fees remain payable.

Children 3 months to 2 years old Children 3 to 5 years old
Full day £75.62 (exclusive of meals) Full day £82.40 (exclusive of meals)
Half day £44.73 (08:00 to 13:00 or 13:00 to 18:00 – exclusive of meals)
Hourly rate £11.50 for both age groups

  • Full day including lunch, tea and a snack £7.64
  • Lunch and snack £4.60
  • Tea and afternoon snack £4.60
Parents can supply packed lunches if preferred
We do accept funding, please enquire

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